Release 0.3 of the Inclusive Coding Environment

We’ve released the third version of the Inclusive Coding Environment! This release contains some notable user interface features such as the following:

  • Audible feedback toggle - When the audio feedback option is enabled, clicking a button will play an audio description stating its purpose. Also, when the program is running it will read out what operations are currently being performed.

    Audible feedback toggle icons showing enabled and disabled states

  • Ability to add movement steps between other steps - Selecting a movement step and then clicking any of the round Add icons in the Program area will insert the selected step in that position.

    User interface showing movement being added using Add icon

  • Drag & drop movement steps - A second way of adding movement steps is by selecting a step from the Movements area and then dragging and dropping it on any of the round Add icons.

    User interface showing selected movement being dragged and dropped between two existing steps

  • Change the size of Add icons - It is possible to switch between large round Add icons and small grey ones by using the Plus toggle switch. This feature aims to provide an optimal user interface that accommodates different interaction styles. For example, if steps are going to be added using the drag and drop interaction then larger Add icons might be suitable. Whereas if steps will be added using clicks then the smaller icons might be preferred.

    User interface showing small grey Add icons and an enabled toggle switch

  • Action panel - Clicking on a movement step will reveal a context menu. The menu contains four options that will let you delete a step, replace it, move it to the left, or move it to the right. These operations can be performed using a keyboard or pointer. In the latter case, a mouse, finger, or eye tracker can be used.

    User interface showing a context menu containing four icons

We hope you will try out these features for yourself and please stay tuned for new releases!