Release 0.5 of the Inclusive Coding Environment

We are excited to share version 0.5 of the Inclusive Coding Environment!

This release includes significant new features and refinements of some previous ones:

  • New movement and turning commands - You can move forward one, two, or three steps, or also turn 45, 90, or 180 degrees, using a single command. The screenshot below shows a total of nine movement commands:

Movements panel with nine buttons

  • Save and share work - While modifying your program, the URL being used by your web browser will be updated with information regarding your character’s position, direction, and paths that have been drawn. This URL can be easily copied to your clipboard by clicking the Share button. Whenever you visit this URL, all your work will be recreated!

Share button

  • Character position and actions are sonified - Additional work on sonification features mean the software provides cues about your character’s horizontal and vertical movements, as well as different sounds as scene boundaries are approached.

  • Program speed control - A speed slider control can now be found right below the play button. Four speed options allow the character to move faster while also affecting the rate at which sounds are played.

Program speed control showing a play button and slider

  • Themes - Finally, we made changes that will let us theme the coding environment in different ways. Currently two new themes are available – a space theme and a forest theme.

Please visit or any of the scene URLs above to try out these changes!